Teenage Pregnanacy

October 31, 2008 8:12pm CST
A normal topic by me. So, the question is 'What do you think about Teenage Pregnanacy?' being in britain, we actually have a high rating of teenager girls getting pregnant, if boys started having kids I'd be worried, but back on topic. Do you find that this is a problem? Every day I see a teenage girl walking down the streets with a buggy either my age or younger, and it worries me. Is this a problem? Do you think that teens should use more protection? I do but if they want to have a kid, then it's their decision, but seriously, some are only having kids to get a council house. My friend sn't one of those girls, she just wanted a baby. Anyways, what do you think? Is teenage pregnancy a problem, or do you feel tha it shouldn't be questioned? I want your views people.
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@maximax8 (28906)
• United Kingdom
14 Feb 10
No form of birth control is 100% effective. Some teenagers in serious relationships get pregnant and have a baby. I think that a teen having her baby is the best option. It is terrible that some teens are pushed into having an abortion. A teen is young and doesn't have much life experience to draw on. It might be worth teens using double protection because it is so likely that the girl could get pregnant. It is sad when a boy dumps his teenage girlfriend when he tells him she is pregnant. Some teenagers are not supported by their parents if they get pregnant. It is not desirable to live in a council house. I imagine for most teens that get pregnant it is unplanned but wanted. I know a 14 year old whose mom is pregnant and she wishes she was pregnant as well. Teens should be supported if they do get pregnant. I don't see teenage pregnancy as a problem. Teens are young and active. Some of them make very good parents.
14 Feb 10
my friend once became pregannt when she just turned 14, and she was thrilled, but lost the baby due to intense excercise caused by our teachers in school, despite her telling them she was ill :( But I do agree that some teenage parents will be great parents, and will be able to possibly be closer to their child as they are quite young :)
• China
1 Nov 08
speak frankly,i don't support teenage pregnanacy at all.it's hurt for the health.