would you like to have a journey in a virgin forest without others?

November 1, 2008 1:03am CST
Two months ago,it was summer in my country,I went to a virgin forest with my friends,it is very cool in the deep forest,we climb the hill wash in a waterfall,water washed my tird and away,that's wonderful! It's autumn in my country,I guess the view in the forest must be much beautiful than before I have visited in summer,I want to go,but my friends are all busy working,they have no time to come along with me,I 'll visited the forest alone,but I'm afraid of some beasts.I known there are many beasts liveing there,like weasel teledu and snake,ten years ago there even has wolf.my dear friends,if you are in my position,would you like to have a journey without others?
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
1 Nov 08
That sounds like a very exciting adventure, walking in a forest and bathing in a waterfall. When I took my toddler son to Latvia I pushed his buggy down a forest path to get to a look out point. We saw a castle and river. It was really scenic and so I took a few photos. It was like being alone because my son was just one year old then and unable to talk. I saw a local couple walking down the path towards the river. In 2006 I went to Tikal National Park on my own. I walked along the jungle paths and climbed the Mayan ruins. I joined a group to walk to a temple in the dark, then climb to the top and enjoy the sunrise. One of the guides told me about his brother that got bitten by a snake six years ago. He was with a group enjoying sunset on top of a temple. Sadly he will never be the same again. In Belize I heard a jaguar. Wow. I respect wildlife. I advise to be careful if you go to the forest alone. Good luck.