operating sysytems

@aihsan (21)
November 1, 2008 7:04am CST
which operating system do u think is th best windows xp,vista or linxus? please whatyou thnk about it.
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• Romania
16 Nov 08
Linux. Period. It's 200 times more scalable and tweakable than Windows. It's free, in contrast with OS X, and gained pace in the OS market year by year. It has several filesystems (EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS, EXT4, XFS, JFS) to chose from, in contrast with Windows's FAT32 and NTFS. And most of these filesystems support journaling. It boots faster, it's much more safer, runs on almost anything. So yes... I'd rather use Linux.
@jason1308 (1587)
• France
10 Nov 08
Although I use both systems Windows XP and Linux on different machines, I do prefer My Linux systems, they just seem to run smoother and without problems and I have never had any problems with Viruses etc either. Its just a shame that Windows (whichever variant) has such a strong stranglehold on the market place that other Operating systems just don't have chance to get a decent footing, although things are changing a bit, especially after the disastrous Vista from Microsoft. If they mess up with Windows 7, then it could be downhill all the way for them.
@124bipin (24)
• India
8 Nov 08
Linux is the best OS... Since because the Linux OS is not that much user friendly like Windows, common man uses windows mostly.. But if once learned it completely, it will be as easier like Windows. Vista is good but it requires high system configuration to run smoothly.
@mirage108 (3403)
• United States
4 Nov 08
hmmm the best well they are all good in there own way XP is good and without problems. Vista is good and had features that XP doesnt have, Linux is good and powerful OS if you take the time to use it like it was Unix it depends on your personal liking They are all good
@rapraptor (120)
• Romania
2 Nov 08
The best is WINDOWS Vista Ultiamte It looks good and the performance is much better than o XP But you must have a very Good PC to run Ultimate Sry for my bad english
@mik0930 (372)
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
Linux. A lot of people doesn't like Linux 'cause they say that it's not user-friendly. Actually, the problem lies on the person, not on the operating system. On the first place, Linux is very intuitive. It's just that most people had Windows as their first operating system and that's why they're more familiar with it. When Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, they won't have problems shifting with it because they are already familiar with the OS sequel. If you are born in China, you would find speaking Mandarin/Folkien easier -- and may find English hard to learn. The same goes with OS. If you're an expert in Windows, don't expect yourself to be an expert in Linux. You start again as a n00b. =D
@zoneday (142)
• Malaysia
1 Nov 08
xp, the only problem is it cant support 4gb RAM, but the performance is really good
• Egypt
1 Nov 08
I will go with Windows XP (specifically Professional edition) Windows Vista might out rank XP in the future with fixing more bugs and improving the system itself. I think everything especially Computer & Internet related stuff get better by the time If the maker is listening to his users and working on getting his product to the next level all the time.
@arun827 (38)
• India
1 Nov 08
i think windows xp is best... it can be used in all systems.windows xp is very user friendly..it is very fast. most of the softwares can be installed in xp..linux is not that muich user friendly as windows xp or vista.. vista requires high system configuration
@dumindum (160)
• Oman
1 Nov 08
I think vista is the best i currently use vista ultimate and i love it. I donno why some peaople say vista is not good it is good at everything.
• India
1 Nov 08
linux is the best operating system but it has some drawbacks for a common user it is very hard to handle and softwares are not available the best operating system for a common man is windows XP2