Gambhir's ban

November 1, 2008 7:39am CST
Hey people,Do you feel that the umpires and match refrees today are more biased towards non asians and and the fact that the three powerhouses of cricket namely India ,Pakistan and SriLanka are not represented enough in the elite panel of umpires having its toll on the asian teams or is it just that we asians especially indians brood about our mistakes and try to prove ourselves right at all costs?? Whatever be the case,I feel that the one test match ban on Gambhir is in no way fair especially considering the fact that Shane Watson, the man who initiated the argument was let off with only a 10% fine...And to worsen the situation Gilchrist chooses the wrong time to come out in public with his cricticism of Sachin,Ganguly and Harbajan.What do you feel? Was Chris Broad right in banning Gambhir for one test or was he biased????
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@GoMy_Lot (65)
1 Nov 08
yes i heard about this case today.he filed a appeal and now he is free,Gautam Gambhir will be able to play in the fourth Test against Australia at Nagpur after filing an appeal against the one-match ban imposed by the International Cricket Council if your a indian cricket fan you can be happy definetly.
• India
1 Nov 08
Oh thats nice to hear but isn't this a growing problem in the field of cricket??
• United States
2 Nov 08
If cricket umpiring decisions are thoroughly evaluated and umpires themselves are scrutinized to check how correct their decisions have been, then people like Daryl Hair would never have umpired more than a couple of cricket matches. He's probably the most prejudiced umpire against non-White cricketers.
2 Nov 08
No, I think they are as fair as they can mostly. They have their rules to follow, and if they were seen to be unfair to one side or the other they would be brought up in front of the ICC, penalised and not given another international match for a while. The reason there might not be enough asians umpiring could be that they haven't passed the international requirements yet.
• Nepal
1 Nov 08
BCCI proves itself to be stronger than ICC, and has been able to oppose to any action against its players. I am not sure if Harbhajan said Symonds "monkey", but BCCI was stronger to protect him from any sort of penalty. As far as the case of Gambhir, I will say that he hit Watson intentionally, and he should be penalized for it. However, it's sad that Watson has not been punished enough for his action.