how important to hear the words "i love you" from your loveone?

@miamhae (339)
November 1, 2008 1:40pm CST
The words I LOVE YOU is a magic words... It can heal wounded heart, make you love and smile, but the worst is its make you cry also.... Some people not open say the words I LOVE YOU in their partner, that's why the relationship goes in nothing even they spend a long year each other. Their are so many way to say you love them. Like me and my boyfriend,our time are opposite when he awake I'm sleep, so before I go to bed I leave him a message how much I love him, then I greet him every morning by sending another message. He told me how great it is to read my message everyday. But many people don't realize how important to say I love you to their partner, specially the busy working man/women. Even your children they need to hear how much you love them, not just to make them happy by giving what they what. The words I love you are the best way to teach them to make respect you and other people. How open you say the words I love you to your love one, kids, mother/father, sister/brother or even in your friends? Why not start to day if you don't open say I love you? The great respond are see their smile when you say that words.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
1 Nov 08
It is very important, that I hear these delicate words.. It makes me feel so special. Especially when my kids will do it..