is spending so much money on olympics worth the world peace that it represents?

@froogle (776)
November 1, 2008 5:17pm CST
Hi, We see that the total amount of money a government spends on Olympics is constantly increasing... Beijing being the highest! Lots of constructions, transportation, organization, and what not! The whole world is watching, nah? And at the end of the 15 days, the stadium is either demolished or remains there as a legacy. Do you think so much of money spending is needed? Can that be money be directly used to promote world peace in other ways? Im not here vouching to cancel the games! Am just telling that the amount of spending be nominal without all the too much grandeur that it currently has! Honest views appreciated :)
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@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
1 Nov 08
It is sad when you think of how much money is spent on such things, not just the olympics, but many different shows, even elections, if you think of what could be done to help people with all these it is not worthed, not at all.
@froogle (776)
1 Nov 08
yea.. i agree with you.. this money can be spent in much more useful ways! it will atleast improve economy if not anything else! now, u made me think even broader!
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
17 Feb 10
no on e spends any money on a thing that doesnt give the money back.. beijing also got paid more than that . its not spending its investing.
@iamcucu (194)
• China
13 Dec 08
I'm afraid I can't agree with you. First,the stadium is neither demolished nor remains there as a legacy.They have more usage than your thought. second,speaking of whether money spent on Olympics is necessary,I don't know. But I do know is the money spent on Olympics are worthy than spending money on producing weapons.Why so many countries produce so many weapons?Is it worthy?In my opinion , the world will be more peaceful if we spend money on building magnificent building rather than producing harmful weapons.