Terrible tragedy

November 1, 2008 9:48pm CST
It's hard to imagine a student in my university killed a professor in class. At that time I was having a computer class. After that I have saw ambulance and police in my campus. Feeling strange but no one can tell what happened there. That night we all knew the murder. It's hard to accept that a murder happened in my campus, so near to all of us. After that I found the issue broadcasted on every TV and radio stations. It seems that every one is talking about this issue in the city,and they are looking at us as if we are aliens. I don't know why this thing happened and I cannot imagine what the result can be for our university. Will the reputation of our school be ruined?
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@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
2 Nov 08
actually it will if all the resident that live near to your house know about it.. where actually this things happened?
• China
2 Nov 08
It happened in the classroom when the class was almost over
@nilugo (348)
• Singapore
2 Nov 08
Thats horrible and very sad! Why would that student harm a teacher and in class too? I dont know if the reputation of yr school be harmed but definitely the whole campus will be nervous, I guess. Just because of 1 wrotten egg, all the other good eggs shoul not be thrown away, don't you think?
• China
2 Nov 08
yeah. It's hard to think about the reason. there must be somenting that the student cannot bear. I hope we will not be affected.
@Gidrel (49)
• Italy
6 Nov 08
This is orrible! How can we even think to kill another person? Now the world is in pieces, none more divided right and wrong: everything is possibile.
@pryce_mbg (716)
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
oh! its the first time i heard about this kind of incident! the student is so harsh! I'm afraid what could happen to the student..he can possibly destroy the reputation of the university.
@dodo19 (33590)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
2 Nov 08
It is difficult to imagine that this type of incident occurs, and it is even more difficult to imagine it ever happening to us. I understand how it feels, as I experienced a shooting at my old school. And trust me, I never thought it would ever happen to me.