All My Children = How are you all taking Babe's Death?

United States
November 1, 2008 11:48pm CST
so weird that shes gone now.. although when they said that they were axing off some one i was afraid it would be kendall (thats MY character.. long story but pretty much kendall is a copy of me and my hubby is zach.. its creepy but true.. and yeah i know thats admitting im a psycho haha) but to see babe go was hard!! who will jr be with now?!?!? he's gone through the whole town already and who knows they still may ax kendall if she doesnt wake up out of her coma.. those tornadoes messed up pine valley for sure.. im almost wondering if they were all gonna have to move considering they kept making it seem that every where was flattened lol.. so you all like the new changes or not?? especially the bianca surprise!!
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