why do she act like that

United States
November 2, 2008 12:25am CST
do you ever like some one but you dont know how to tell them you like them .listen check this out there this girl in my class right i think she like but i dont like her but she trying so hard for me to fall in love with her example the class may be so quiet i raise my hand to ask the teacher a question she be the main one answering for the teacher nd she calls me names nd always starting a fight with me like argument . look i could say that like her but she has a baby nd she only 16 nd also my aged nd im scared to apporche her cause i know i could do it nd the only problem is that i got no momey to take care of her nd her baby i cant be asking my mom for money to take care of some one child ( what do you think i should do ?)
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