It is easy to make a hot topic by starting a controversal issue

@mokbul (616)
November 2, 2008 1:20am CST
I beleive so and it is happening here. Starting a controversal issue on politics or religion easily attarcts many members to respond whether he or she is in faovr or opposing the issue. Addind a bit of spice by naked attacking will make the discussion more hot.
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@AKRao24 (21218)
• India
2 Nov 08
Mylot's Hot Topics are Controvercial !!! - Hot topics with Politics and Religions are tend to be controvercial and may fetch negative ratings!
May be you are right! These two topics are such that any thing can be said to any extent without any limits and bounds. These are the topics where every one will like to participate as they have some or other things to say about Politics and about the religion. basically religion and politics have become pastime for many and they can spend any amount of time while talking about the issues pertaining to them. So I don't see any exaggeration if a topic from above said topics are becoming Hot discussions. But then here in this discussion forum our reputation in the form of star rating is determined by the members and it is done by marking positive or negative response to a discussion. In case if your discussion in a hot discussion is not liked by any one you are likely get a negative rating though we are not suppose to do like that and eventually because of this your popularity rate may get hampered and your star rating may go down. Well for this reason and also sinceI don't like politics, as I was a science student and a technical professional presently, I stay away from these types of discussions. I have started few discussions regarding the God and relegion and noted that people are participating in such discussion fanatically and it was practically impossible for me to respond them as thre were many ideas by members which were not appealing me!Thus the hot topics may get good responses but they are always have the danger of fetching you a negative rating!This is my very personal opinion and may not be true with every one! Thanks for the Topic and Wish you happy Mylotting!