Does my best(Girl) friend like me? Also I like her?

November 2, 2008 2:07am CST
We've been friends for a long time now(2 years) and we talk all the time. She's in half of my classes and I catch he looking at me a lot and when our eyes meet she smiles and waves and I smile and wave back. She comes up to talk to me and she laughs at my jokes and we mess around by calling each other names. She gets mad whenever I'm not at our usual meeting spot in the morning and we email each other a lot.(Mostly he sending the first email.) However we have yet to even hug once and I see her hugging tons of other guys that are only in one of her classes and she talks to them a lot during lunch. She gives off that flirty look she gives me sometimes to other guys and its just too hard to tell. Much help would be appreciated to see if I can finally tell her how feel with hope that she likes me.
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