the health benefits of Sodium Ascorbate a.k.a. Vit. C

sodium ascorbate - helps prevent cancer, heart attack, stress ,asthma etc..
@ana3173 (420)
November 2, 2008 5:48am CST
Taking a Sodium Ascorbate regime over a period of around 12 months or so will tend to completely rebuild the structural integrity of your body via collagen renewal. This prevents heart attack, help prevent stroke and it will eliminate chronic and acute infections, it helps eliminate stress. it is also prevent from cancer and a pain reliever as well. sodium ascorbate has mistekenly been called vit c. it is actually a liver metabolite rather than a vitamin. it is producec in large quantities in almost animals. it its not ascorbic acid that our body requires, rather a salt of ascorbic acid. a daily supplementation of ascorbate is a several times a day is a simple way to make up for this genetic defect. treating with ascorbate during pregnancy resulted in much healthier mum and baby. if a mother takes high doses of ascorbate in addition to other measures such as folic acid and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, she will deliver an extremely healthy baby and studies have shown the labor will be quicker and less painful. clinical trials have been done on asthma and allergy sufferers is not an indication that sodium ascorbate is only therapeutic for these auto immune disorders but rather a strong indication that all auto immune disorders will tend to helped with sodium ascorbate use.
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