Loomis - armored truck company - BAD place to work

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November 2, 2008 6:50am CST
You can't turn on the TV or read a newspaper without hearing how bad the economy is or how unemployment is up. BE WARNED if you decide to answer a job ad for Loomis. They are constantly hiring due to high employee turnover. I knew it wasn't a good company when I started, when you have to wait 6 months for bare bones benefits and the pay scale is 25 cents a year raise you get a clue. Even when I saw driver/guards being encouraged or even right out told to work off the clock it didn't sink in. When I was cheated out of holiday pay by an incompetent/crooked payroll clerk (not sure which she is) I was angry but let it go. Then today on the last half of my last day of my two week notice they inform me that I have forfeited my two weeks vacation by not completing 24 months of employment(I've only been there 22 months). I told them almost a year ago that I was going to school and would be looking for other employment when completed. I told them when school was finished and I was looking for other employment. I gave them more than two weeks notice. Not only did not one management person bother to tell me but the one person that did was a "union rep". Only about 11 employees are actually in the union at this branch and they are wasting their money. In bad economic times bad companies/jobs thrive. Be warned if you are desperate enough to work for this bad company.
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15 Jul 10
Hi, Sorry you had a bad experience with Loomis. My father worked out the Sacramento Branch for over 25 years when he retired from the military and he loved it. When I got out of the Army I worked at the Stockton, CA. branch for about three years before becoming a police officer and I also loved it. Now my son is the 3rd. generation of my family to work for Loomis and he works at the same branch my father did and...you guessed it, he loves it. Granted I worked there in the early to mid 80's and my dad from the mid 60's till early 90's when it went from the Loomis family to being bought out by several other companies, but my son is there now and he couldn't be happier. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them, maybe it was just that branch in Colorado. We always had guys from Brinks and Armored Transport trying to go to work for us because they we so poorly paid and had almost no benefits. I look back fondly at the time I spent there and often wished I had stayed there, I'd be retired now! LOL I wish you luck in your futture employment positions and hope they are much more positive for you. Don W.