Loomis - armored truck company - BAD place to work

United States
November 2, 2008 6:50am CST
You can't turn on the TV or read a newspaper without hearing how bad the economy is or how unemployment is up. BE WARNED if you decide to answer a job ad for Loomis. They are constantly hiring due to high employee turnover. I knew it wasn't a good company when I started, when you have to wait 6 months for bare bones benefits and the pay scale is 25 cents a year raise you get a clue. Even when I saw driver/guards being encouraged or even right out told to work off the clock it didn't sink in. When I was cheated out of holiday pay by an incompetent/crooked payroll clerk (not sure which she is) I was angry but let it go. Then today on the last half of my last day of my two week notice they inform me that I have forfeited my two weeks vacation by not completing 24 months of employment(I've only been there 22 months). I told them almost a year ago that I was going to school and would be looking for other employment when completed. I told them when school was finished and I was looking for other employment. I gave them more than two weeks notice. Not only did not one management person bother to tell me but the one person that did was a "union rep". Only about 11 employees are actually in the union at this branch and they are wasting their money. In bad economic times bad companies/jobs thrive. Be warned if you are desperate enough to work for this bad company.