Should you give away yor collection?

November 2, 2008 8:42am CST
I used ot collect stamps in my school days and had built up a rathe good collection with over 4000 stamps. When i grew up I left the hobby an done day a colleague's son told me that he was collecting stamps and i gave him my entire collection without thinking. When i go tmarried and had my own children, i sued to tell them about my stamp collection and theyused to always ask me why i had given allthe stamps away. I think I made a mistake at that time. Toady 25 years after i had given wway th collection, i was wonderign if i stillhad the collection, a lot of stamps would have been very rare. My daughters were collecting coins and have a good colletion of coins from all over the world. They are grown now and one day my elder daughter was planning to give away th ecoin collection to a friend's daughter. i told her not to. Although i had gviven away my colleciton of stamps i forbade her from giving away the coin collection. Her friend's daughter was disappointed. Was i right in stopping my daughter from giving away the coin colleciton? Should she give it away?
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@inder86 (566)
• Gibraltar
2 Nov 08
i think it was a wrong decision . one day we all are gonna die and all will be left behind . but at least you can make other happy by giving up your collection to those who really love it rather die and leave to those people who doesnt care about. a time will come when lot of peoples smile will be ur collection.