Saying Sorry

United States
November 2, 2008 1:35pm CST
Does anyone out there know why men find it so hard to say the simple words "I'm Sorry"?? Honestly, if your wrong, say your wrong, and move on with life. Not once in my life have I ever hurt someone and not said, I am sorry...never. This weekend, he basically made me look like trash in front of my friends and family, and also demonstrated just how much he trusted me, and then left me on the side of the road, at 1am and it was cold, I had on nothing but my Halloween costume. It just makes me really sad to feel how I do right now which is hurt, and he could fix it just by saying those little words, but he still insists I am in the wrong...Has anyone else ever had this problem??
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• United States
2 Nov 08
it's not only men who can't say they are sorry. my mother was that way. none of my buisness if some jerk left me on the side of the road at that time of the night i wouldn't want to hear i'm sorry or anything else from him . girl, u don't have to put up w/that. he can't be a very nice person to do that to you.
@postergal (214)
• Egypt
2 Nov 08
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I HATE THAT!!! like honestly saying sorry is strength!! not saying it is just a plain stupid way of not accepting ur's weakness!!! something else I hate is people who say sdfsdfw wefwefwef wefwefew (any excuse) but anyway sorry lol that like cancels the sorry!! it's like hey ur wrong but since I am a great guy I am telling u sorry!