Guitar Hero World Tour

United States
November 2, 2008 6:33pm CST
I am not to much into video games, but awhile back we got a Wii,(seemed so fitting....) and quite a few games, one of them beingGuitar Hero 3, which... got us interested in the newest one, similar to rock band, where not only is there the usual guitar and base as we have come to know by the name of the game, but also a karaoke aspect,and drums. Well, it czme the other day, and it is as fun as we thought, with some little bugs as expected. At near $200, it seems a little silly to receive basically, shells of game controllers that are emulating real instruments. Real instruments seem to be harder to acquire reasonably though, and learning to to play them.. gosh, how time consuming. Entertaining, weather your intoxicated, trying to clear your head, or just want the awesome feeling of pixels cheering you on as you rock out naked in your living room.. or..whatever you are into. Great track listings, and with the promise of future downloads, looks like it could be endless entertainment. The platform is a little different , as you log into your band initially, all the quickplays accrue monies. Which makes it a little easier to obtain clothing, sets that cost money, and the usual rocker gear. There is also a music studio where you use the instruments.. to create your own music to play and share. It is not as great as the PC programmes out there, but it is more intricate than I thought it would be though. You have the ability to create your own rocker, with many options so that you are nearly able to get that image you had in mind. A lot more intricate then when you made your Mii. The usual cast and some newbies are available too. Billy Corgan from SP was the first we ulocked and as they are one of my favorite bands, I thought it was kinda neat. You can rock out using your Mii as well, though it seems kinda pointless as you can create you if wanted. The new guitar that came with the game has a star power button on it. Though it has not worked for us as of yet, regardless if the tilt sensor is on or not, supposably you can still tilt the guitar to get star power UNLESS you are using the guitar that came with GH3. While it DOES work with he game, the star power tilt does not. The new guitar is more contoured. It has a touch pad on the neck that can add awesome accents to your notes beyond what the wammy does, as well as being a sub-in for fret keys or strumming even on certain notes. Star power as a band is not longer "in sync or nothing at all", each player has the ability to draw from the star power (if the band has it), though more points/cash are awarded when it is synchronized. Which makes it difficult when you are using the old guitars. Marketing ploy? If someone in your band is not doing so well, you can have them use the star power instead of the band using it. Also makes it where people can steal the star power you earned... it is all going to the same place though, cooperation, right? The drum shell has the same colours as the guitar, but for some reason that we have not discovered yet, they are not in the same order as they are on the guitar, which is making it a little more difficult for us to get the drums down. Star power is achieved through hitting both the crash cymbals at once. The petal is kind of annoying as it is corded and the cord gets into the actual petal while you are playing. The mic is USB, the only corded instrument, going in the back of your Wii, and any USB mic will work from what I understand. If you are already shelling out for the guitar and drums though, you might as well save a bit of money and get the bundle with the mic as well. You need a remote to be able to select and such when using the mic. And of course, you need 4 remotes to have a band. Which at the moment is annoying in the fact that you have to remove them to play a different instrument. When its just two, it works alright though, but as I mentioned,as each player receives cash that goes to the band you will make more each gig if there are more players. Besides checking out the DL's, We have not done much with the online feature. You can play other bands, or join otherbands online. I expect there to be some bugs there, and possibly long waits to find people to play since the game is rather new. I expect it will be easier after the holidays. There are a couple of free DL's, but most of the songs that are there cost Wii points. There are more songs to be released, I know SP's pack comes out the 15th of November. Already used a cheat to be able to play the Tool set, which you have to buy otherwise. The amount you get per gig and with sponsors is a lot less than before. The cheat opens up all songs on quickplay, and quickplay only. The cheat is Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow in the cheat area. So far, we have had a lot of fun with the game. What is your opinion? Does anyone know how to get starpower on the older guitars?
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
7 Jun 09
Hello Utopian Idealist. I used to learn to play the guitar in my early twenties, but I gave it up as I felt uncomfortable in the fingers that play the guitar. I learned a little bit how to play from one of my colleagues. It is a pity that I gave it up. Otherwise I would be a very good amateur guitar player now.