A small village!!

November 2, 2008 7:23pm CST
My grandmother lives in a very small village.Last summer holiday,I went to visit her.It took me nine hours to get there by bus.At 4 o'clock in the afternoon,I got out of the bus and looked around me. It was trypical of the small village of the countryside.The houses stood in two long lines on either side of the dusty road.In the village,the paint was peeling off the houses,and some small children were running to and for laughing.Under a big tree,there were a few old men sitting ,playing chess and somking their pipes.The old woman sat on the lawn in a circle,knitting and chatting.An ox was quietyly munching the long dry grass by the roadside. What a typical small village it was!! Do you have been some place like that ????
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• Malaysia
3 Nov 08
Yes, I have been to such small places like your grandmother is living. Just curious, haven't you been to your grandmother's home before? Was this your first meeting with your grandmother? Sorry for asking though. I saw this type of small village when I was passing through while I was on my way to my sister's home. My sister lives up north and we have to pass through many small villages before we arrive. There is one small village which really caught my attention. My bus stopped there for a one hour lunch break. After eating, I asked my auntie who came along with me to accompany me walking through the village. I saw one house which is made from wood. It is not painted, and there are holes here and there. Beside the house I saw a small hut and the door is open. I peeped inside and saw there was a bed inside the very small hut. Beside the bed is a stove and the fire is on. Above the stove there was a huge wok and I saw coconut shreds are cooked in the wok. On the bed an old woman was lying down with her eyes closed, I guess she is sleeping or just resting while waiting for the coconut shreds to cook. Outside the hut, four kids were playing. The tallest kid was skinny and I guess he is around ten years old. He wore a t-shirt with long pants. The second boy is around 8 years old. But he is fat and his stomach is so big. He had no shirts on, and he only wore a pair of shorts. The third was a girl with long hair. She is pushing her little sister in a shopping trolley. The girl in the trolley is just a baby and she doesn't wear any clothing. Poor little baby, she looks very dirty as if no mother is looking after her. I wonder from where did they steal the shopping trolley. And who is their mother. Maybe she is inside the house. I look at the house but all the doors and windows are closed. I stand the situation I was looking because I felt so pity towards them. I gave them RM10 and then I asked my auntie to get back to our bus. This incident would be forever in my heart.
• China
4 Nov 08
Thanks a lot for your opinion,thanks!!!
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
3 Nov 08
Yes, it sounds like a very typical small village. I have been to places like that too on my visits to different parts of the world. Small roads branching out from the main highways and going far into the rural areas where typical small villages like you described line up. It is very interesting to see people happily living in those villages in their traditional life styles.
• China
3 Nov 08
I like the life style of the small village sometimes,thanks for reply!!!