November 2, 2008 7:46pm CST
Recently,I often see a man lying under a marcket building at night.Last night I saw him also.I know it is his house there.And he falls asleep very early.I pity him.Just a sleeping room is diffculty for him.China has no hospic as I know.And why there's no government office deal with this?I can't understand.They are so helpless,but -----.He just could sleep in the street and has no house to protect him.If raining or snowing ,it's so cold ,what will he do for himself.I hope our government could afford a little money for the beggars.God bless them.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
5 Nov 08
Hello sanzi. It is a social problem that there are beggars in cities and elsewhere. It is not only a problem in our country but in other countries as well. I think that the factors that lead to this is complicated...
• China
6 Nov 08
We could do nothing but pity.
• China
21 Nov 08
This morning,I listend to the radio and heared a news about vagrant.In BeiJing,the government begin to look for the vagrants because of winter coming.After resigning,the government will afford food and place to them.And then relate their county to send them to their home.I think,it's a good police.But,I havn't heared any news in WuXi about the vagrants.I am waiting ----
@youless (92252)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Nov 08
Yes, I also see these beggars here. And sometimes it's much hurtful to see little children suffer these. All of us can see these problems. I wonder why our officers can't see it? Or they just ignore it? If they don't want to do something to help the poors, then quit the job!
• China
24 Nov 08
To we common man ,they are malfeasant.They only know how to spend more money to eat or play.And they don't know how to care the poor.