Phone Verified Craigslist Account?

@trickiwoo (2703)
United States
November 2, 2008 11:13pm CST
I've noticed that some PTP sites require you to have a "Phone Verified Craigslist Account". How do you get one? I already have a Craigslist account, and I've searched everywhere on the site and can't find anything about phone verification. When I google it, the only results I get are "Buy 100 phone verified Craigslist accounts". And the FAQ for one of the PTP sites I've looked at just says, "You need to follow the instructions on the website that tells you how to do it." I don't know what that means! What website? What instructions? So if anyone has a phone verified Craigslist account or knows how to get one, please let me know! Thanks!
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• United States
30 Jun 10
I read a comment at: that Sharpminds58 is a scammer, so be careful. If you want to purchase DV CL PVA's from me I will provide proof over at that my product has been reviewed and approved so you all know I am not here to scam anyone. Purchase DV CL PVA's for as low as $3.25/acct for more details please email:
• Pakistan
7 Oct 10
I have read so many bad reviews and comments about payal23j and avidatasolutions that they both rip you off and take the payments in advance and never give you the quality product cuz they don't create PVAs they are just the resellers who dont make payment to their suppliers. Fruad
• China
11 Nov 10
We are a service company in USA and can supply high quality Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts at US$3.60 each, the price is cheaper for big order, please contact us by if you need.
@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
21 May 10
I am having trouble with Craiglist. Just recently they are requiring us to enter an authorization code that will be sent through an automated voice message. But the problem is I have been waiting for several minutes and never received any calls. I am using a US local number although I am located somewhere else. I'd like to know if anyone could help me with this
10 Jun 10
Good day, We can provide PVAs as low as 2.75-3USD each. Our PVAs are double Verified and with 100 hrs. replacement warranty. If interested then please contact on sharpminds58 at gmail dot com Look forward to have ongoing healthy business relation.
• United States
30 Jun 10
I sell DV CL PVA's and have had my product reviewed and approved over at and will provide proof before I sell you accounts so you can be assured that I will NEVER scam anyone. My prices are as low as $3.25/acct email me for details at:
@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
3 Nov 08
I never heard of it neither. I hope it is not a scam.