16 dollars a week

@aringwi (136)
November 3, 2008 2:18am CST
My family has started a economical plan of spending 16 dollars a week as the price is going up and our earning is reducing.The economical crisis is coming,the companies are cutting down the workers.We will cook breakfast by ourselves.For lunch,we eat it at workplaces without paying anything.As supper,we will never eat out in a restaurants or bars.We buy the food from the supermarkets.In the everning,we prefer staying at home watching TV to seeing films or singing in the KTV.
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@Ray0827 (13)
• China
4 Nov 08
Winter is coming, will spring be far behind? we know this adage, but now we are facing economic winter and wondering when will spring come. there is not country can escape by the skin of one's teeth, includes China. I cancelled my most payout plan which i think it's necessary several months ago to answer this crisis, besides we cook our food by ourselves, buy vegetable and little meat from food market. Wish situation be better! Good luck!
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• India
18 Nov 08
in my country economic crisis never hits any one hard for the simple reason very few people eat out. we eat out once in two or three months just for a change from routine. americans need to learn from indians on this aspect. also home food is more healthy and tasty.
• Hong Kong
3 Nov 08
sounds a little hard for you. I don't know how many members are there in your familly to share 16 dollars a week. The world economic crisis does come to us, but is it so tough? As far as I know, this crisis hasn't so large effect to China because of different economic structure. Certainly, some companies might be influenced a little severely, such as IT, Bank ,Finance, and Foreign Trade etc. Are you in this kind of occupation? Anyway, even without this crisis, it's a good habbit not to waste money in Chinese tradition. I think I also should make some plans for using money. Good luck to you!
• India
3 Nov 08
Hi You are alone, friend. All over the world gloom of economic crisis is obvious. We have lost huge sum of money due to drastic fall in the share market. We have already started to cut the budget as much as possible. There is no alternative other than reduce expenditure as the price is rising at a galloping rate. I'm not really sure that global leaders will be able to design a right policy to overcome this crisis at all.