Can you share some experience or tips during making boyfriend or girlfriend?

November 3, 2008 3:10am CST
In college,it is no wonder that many students are experienced with making boy or girl friends.but I am only a novices.I felt some pity about it.Well maybe trying to make a boyfriend is a better choice to me .At least,I can get more skill on communicating with males. However ,i have no idea how to get along well with the boyfriend.Would you give me some advice about what should pay attention and do more notice with some small details ,Or how to protect myself better.I need your help....I would appriciate your good suggestion or happy memory
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• India
3 Nov 08
It's very simple. Usually boys are very interested to talk with any girls. You don't need to talk much initially to a new boy, even if you say "hi", "what's your name", or something small sentence, that's enough for them replying and going conversation with you. I'm a boy and if any girl approach me for any help, I'll not leave her until I make close friendship with her. Most of the boys in the word are like me. So don't worry.