CFW or OFW (PSP owners)

November 3, 2008 3:56am CST
CFW or OFW what do yo say?
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
I'd have to say Custom Firmware. It enable PSP owners to play games loaded into their Memory Stick instead of having a lot of UMDs. Though having UMDs isn't a bad thing and a PSP running on Official Firmware is convenient since upgrading can be simply done by just being connected, having your hand held on Custom Firmware minimizes all that and perhaps, you just have to change your Memory Stick in case you want to play another game that you have. (^_^ )
• Romania
3 Nov 08
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
Your welcome (^_^ )
• Singapore
28 Apr 09
CFW is the best as it can play download game and don't need to buy umd to play plus it will burn a hole in your pocket so my choice CFW Forever
• Canada
28 Nov 08
i have psp 3001 version and ofw 5.02 i want cfw. what should i do?
@jimmy7512 (213)
15 Nov 08
Dude the choice here is definitely obvious, CFW it enables us to fully use the PSP's potential, emulators and allows us to play our roms, psx games, play backed up games and movies, I mean what more could you want? PSP with CFW is the ultimate multimedia device.
• United States
4 Nov 08
well, i am using a PSP w/ CFW on it and it is great, you are able to use emulators for things like the gba and you can download the psp game free ana you can watch youtube, play PSX games and customize the whole look of the PSPs main menu and the internet browser.But if you are new to all this I wouldnt do anything! Get a friend to do it for you who has done it before also keep in mind the type of PSP you are going to get (Phat/fat or Slim!)