How much it hurts you when your hair fall?

November 3, 2008 6:03am CST
Evertime i see my hair are falling during a combing i get very hurt. My hair are long, waist long, so whenever they fall i feel helpless. I guess intead of doing many things to stop the hair fall, They do fall. I have observed it is a cycle, no matter what remedy you apply but hair do fall in a particular time of their cycle of growing,falling n all.
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@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
4 Nov 08
there are a few factors which could affect this. The first one is the food you eat. Maybe you lack proteins that helps the hair growth.So try out to eat more healthy if it's not doen already. the stress also affects this. If your job is stressfulor you have the kind of life which consists of alot of thinking everynight (lack of sleep). My mom had alot of financial issues and she was overworking. This leads her into less hair. So what you should do to avoid loosinf more hair, don't lather your hair to hard, use shampoos which is natural with less chemicals. I would suggest you to go see a doctor and maybe he can prescribe you some pills (vitamins, calcium, etc) or suggest you to rest more. Goodluck
@061234217 (133)
• China
3 Nov 08
Wow,your hair are so long...Hair loss is normal at this time of a year.My hair fall a lot everyday last month.It doesn't matter.This is just a performance of metabolic of your hair.