which hand do you ofen use to hold your cigatette?

November 3, 2008 8:56am CST
hey,friends! do you hold ur cigarette by ur right hand?you maybe answer "yes". how about smoking by ur left hand? just try,you will have a unusual experience!
2 responses
• Malaysia
3 Nov 08
Hi, this is funny, yes, I smoke with my right hand. But I don't feel anything unusual by smoking with my left hand though. I don't understand why would it be? Can you please explain it more. I'm interested. Would it be because if someone is so used to smoking with the right hand, they are not used to the left? Because I'm used to smoking with my right, but when I smoke using my left hand, I don't feel anything weird or unusual about it. Please do explain. Thanks!
• China
7 Nov 08
hey!buddy! as i am busy these days, i dont have much time to come.thank you for you reply. maybe only i feel unusual when smoking with left hand.my reason is that i feel really unnatural,but i think it a new attempt.it's very wonderful! do you think so?
• United States
1 Feb 09
I use my right hand, but sometimes I use my left. If it's cold outside and my right hand is frozen, I will trade off to the left hand and tuck my right under my arm for warmth. Other times if I'm doing something like drinking coffee or walking my dog I will use my left hand because I need my right hand (sense it's my dominate hand) to do other things.