Opinions on BT broadband

November 3, 2008 9:12am CST
i would like to know your opinions on bt broadband and your opinions on virgin media fiber optic last month bt sent me a fine of £80 and claiming i had downloaded 154gb in one month and i worked it out and if it were true i would be downloading the equivilent to 5 full films per day! which is impossible with their speeds. so i cive them a call and they said that i would need to go on there unlimited downloads package but what they failed to tell me was that they would slow my downloads and browsing speed 10X after 8pm which im sure they are breaking the law by not telling me this ? also a few months before this i upgraded to 3meg and apparantly i'd have faster downloads of up to 1.5mbps ?? more lies i got 300kbps if im lucky to download before 8pm and if im very lucky i can get a 2 min youtube vid to load on 10 mins, its starting to go beyond a joke and i can never get intouch with bt its either a computer or a bunch of monkeys on the other end. so im thinking of going with virgin media fiber optic what do you think?
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@bigtom1 (1573)
3 Nov 08
I would agree with you, i am on the unlimited package but i have face some problems still with them. You can not contact them easily as you will have to spend £100 on the phone listening to boring music while waiting for a someone to talk to. In fact they say things whilst hiding some important information which i think is breaking the law. I was also thinking of changing to Virgin Broadband since my BT contract expires in December. I think you will spend another £80 on the phone bill before you get throught to them They are a disgrace no wonder everyone dumps them, had i known earlier