when surfing on the internet?leave your opinion

November 3, 2008 6:49pm CST
sometimes, you get so distracted on the internet that when you realise you spent a lot of time just looking through some websites, which you didn't have idea to go at the first time? kind of strange huh ? ;)
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• Philippines
4 Nov 08
yeah, sometimes it happens but the thing is if you can explore more you will enjoy it of course provided that you are not bounded so much with "time limits".
• Portugal
4 Nov 08
it's not necessarly a bad news, but its just the way it happens, you're looking at one thing, and suddenly when you notice, you're just watching other stuff and keep doing that.at the end you spent a lot more time than you were thinking of.. thanks for your opinion ;D
• India
4 Nov 08
ya same has happened with a several times . usually happens while searching out some paid sites
• Portugal
4 Nov 08
for me it happens everytime, i can just want to read the soccer news, and then im lost watching other stuff lol. thanks for your answer, happy mylotting ;)
@Porcospino (19646)
• Denmark
7 Nov 08
It happens to me all the time. I plan on spending a few minutes on the internet, as I only want to read my emails. But after a couple of hours I am still here. I'll leave the computer in a moment, I just have to read this. I'm almost done, I just have to respond to this. When I finish writing this, I'll leave. Okay, I'm almost ready to leave, I just have to.... I love surfing the internet,and I never get bored, but sometimes I just can't believe how much time I actually spent surfing ;-)