Finding a good job!!!!

November 3, 2008 7:01pm CST
College students in China may choose jobs by themselves.SO everyone can make his own choice of his career before graduating. Job hunting by students has had a big impact on campus.Students have become more partical and eager to develop their manifold abilities to meet the challenges in their future jobs.Since state-allocated jobs are no longer guaranteed,stome students are willing to work in private companies because of higher pay and other benefits,whereas jobs of high academic level lose part of their former attraction.If the link between graduating form college and hecoming a state employee is cut,a lareg number of fee-paying students may go to college,and so a mass high education is possible.This is indeed a trail blazing reform in China's higher education system. Finding a good job is not easy,There exist many practical obstacles at the present stage of reform.First,there are few service centres available to help them. Second,students,often fail to recognize how good a job really is.Third,colleges usually ignore social demands in their programs and students are not always fully prepared for their new jobs.And finally,the existing restrictions,neptismand bureau-cracy adversely affect job competition.Nevertheless,students don't have to worry about unemployment,because the well-educated are badly needed in the rapid development of China's economy.
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