music for the baby

November 4, 2008 12:03am CST
i have learned that there is a combination of symphonies for the makings of a smart baby. they say that these are the concertos of the three great B's of music: beethoven, bach, and brahms. so i have compiled them all in my mp3 player. i did play it to the baby before in my tummy, but it was hard to get the ear phones in place. i would put them inside my knickers, but sometimes they don't stay in place. and since pregnancy gets you to go to the john pretty often to pee, i have to adjust the earphones everytime. i prefer turning on the speakers of my computer or my cd player for baby's music. aside from these symphonies, we also listen to kiddie tunes like bible songs, lullabyes, etc. i think that music is good for the baby. don't you think? aside from making a smart baby, i think babies that have been exposed early on to music also become musically inclined as they grow up. they can become singers and musicians, which i would like my baby to become. anyway, any experience on this? please share. take care all and God bless you! :-D
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@Mirsya (521)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 08
Yeah, I know about that theory. But, I will try to use rock music instead of classic music. But, I can't do it now since I'm not having a baby.
• China
4 Nov 08
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
I don't really have a definite and a concrete proof that some music can make babies smart. But I don't see anything wrong with exposing our babies to music while they're in our tummies. Listening to the same music will build up a bond that we'll love to share with our baby in the days to come so I'm welcoming that pregnancy issue, myth or fact. I've downloaded several Mozarts myself and my Little Nicholas and I listens to it every now and then (especially when we grow bored of our stories, hehehe). I have found some neat studies on the Mozart Effect and I said to myself, why not? If you wanna learn more about that study, kindly visit my site @ I'm sure music can make babies smart though, I see that on my nieces and nephew. Good luck on your parenting! God bless and take care...
• Indonesia
4 Nov 08
you can try playing some jazz or classical hits, those genres works fine when you intend to develop the children IQ,I wouldn't recommend pop though, cause things like brittney or christina will actually damage your child personality, hehe just kidding.