how many shampoo kinds do you use?

November 4, 2008 12:10am CST
hi there! i don't usually stick to one brand of shampoo. at the very least, i have 2 brands with me, in different variants, and i alternate them as much as i can. like for instance, i would use one brand for 6 days, then on the 7ht day, revert to the other brand. right now, i have 3 brands, so i use one brand per week, until every thing is finished. you know why i do this? i find that using only one brand of shampoo for months on end affect the health of my hair and scalp. usually, i develop dandruff after a long while. or i get falling hair., changing brands from time to time has eliminated this problem. in the brands that i use, i usually include a clear shampoo, which i use as a clarifying cleanser to remove the residue of volumizing or conditioning shampoos. how about you? do you have the same experience? take care all and God bless you!
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@iamsolucky (1243)
• Philippines
22 Feb 09
I only like pantene shampoo for me, but i use nizoral once or twice a week to get rid of dandruff. I dont shampoo everyday, but i do put on conditioner to make my hair soft. I do my own hot oil treatment every sunday. I bought a pack of it and yes a shower cap too. Happy mylotting!
@techgurl (451)
• Greece
8 Nov 08
I like to try different kinds of shampoo, so I always have at least three around. I like to see what effect each has on my hair, and then use mostly the ones that have worked the best.
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
4 Nov 08
I use two brands of shampoo and sometimes different kind of conditioners! I sometimes finish one bottle and then use the other brand. I don't have problem with dandruffs but I have hair falling and I think its normal as long its not a lot. I have been using this two brands of shampoo for almost two years now and it seem to get along well with my hair. Thanks!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
4 Nov 08
I read that it is better to alternate between shampoos and conditioners, I guess your hair gets used to the same old thing all the time, I use about three different brands and i think you can see when your hair needs a bit of a change...