How can our dreams affects in our human life?

November 4, 2008 3:17am CST
We know that dreams is a symbolic of our deep inner thoughts and sub-consconsious mind. But I want more specific meaning of it. So many times I keep dreaming this young guy, the same person, the same looks but not scary. He smiled and look at me watching me lying in my bed. But when I say a prayer, he then gone like a bubbles. This dream not really makes me scared but it makes me it in connection with the called ESP? Is dream affects human life?
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@23uday (2998)
• India
4 Nov 08
Hi frnds, Every one comes a dreams to them when they sleep with peaceful mind. Behold the bird of the air, with what ease it sways and swings; with what gait it follows its heavenly path, With what grace it moves its limbs! Aerial frnd,at every morn I hear thee sing. The flutter of thy wings,mingled with the high note of thy song, Awakens in my soul far forgetten thoughts. Whose messenger art thou,sweet musician? Whose mandate dost thou bring.
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
Hi there! I've read this post and I feel like responding...I think our dreams has or, if not, on the other way, affected our way of living and thinking...(this is how I see it though). There are really some instances where we can't help but believe in our dreams. And mind you, there are really dreams that do come true. I myself had a couple of experiences where my dreams came true...But I guess the bottom line is, everything depends on us. It's how we interpret our dreams that affects out lives. If we'll come to think of it, believing in our dreams has advantages and disadvantages too. One advantage if it is that we learn to be cautious on some things especially if our dreams are negative (which may deal with accidents or any bad happenings). But this is only true to some degree. There are times wherein we will have the same dream a couple of times. By this, we tend to realize whehter it is giving us a hint to start certain precautions. By this way, we become careful. Another advantage is that there are really dreams that come true. So when it feels like de ja vu, we already know what to do and what the situation would be...(so it would be to our advantage)... On the other hand, this has some bad sides too. It's not good that we stick to our dream...As we pretty well know, it's the opposite of what would really happen. And aside from this, dreams are the things we create subconciously, especially if we have a strong desire for a certain situation to happen. Therefore, it's just a hallucination or imagination. There's is really no exact probability as to how much percentage would a certain dream may come true. So it's not good to stick with our dream. It might not do us any good after all. I think we should stick to the norm that what happens to us it's just a consequence of the actions we have done. And our dreams may or may not have anything to do with it. But there is really nothing wrong if we tend to believe in our dreams as long as we know how to handle ourselves... :)