Was Allen's Stanford flirting excessive or was he getting his money's worth?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 4, 2008 7:23am CST
Sir Allen Stanford the originator of the twenty 20 series,was caught in an england match flirting with the players wives even bouncing one on his lap,while the players looked on helplessly.Now Sir Allen Stanford is a texan billionaire who decided to come up with the single most novel idea to stop the hemorrhaging of cricket to more popular and exciting sports such as basket ball and football.His idea was to come up with a shortened version of the game consisting of twenty overs (as opposed to the fifty overs for a one day match or the days of play for a test match),the player would wear extremely colourful gear and get this, one million dollars each for the winning team. Therefore one may ask what is a little flirting,a little touching among the players wife when the flirter is only the saviour of your job ?. What is a little flirting when the man is willing to dish out a million dollars - heck you could even take that million dollars and take that same wife to Aspen for the weekend,a world cruise,maybe even buy a yatch,send your children to university and even retire from the game.Isnt that a small price to pay?.Dont you think that Sir Allen stanford deserve a little payback for all he is doing? in a time when financial markets are crashing and credit is hard to come by, he could have chosen to capitalise on that and lend mone at enormous rates but he chose cricket. So what is all the fuss about in the media,all this moral discussion when everything boils down to dollars and sense .Be sensible people and lets save cricket,a little indulgence on the part of the saviour of cricket is a small price to pay OR IS IT ?. Tell me what you think Discalimer:The views expressed are not necessarily the views of the writer,just meant to generate discussion.
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@nadooa247 (1096)
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4 Nov 08
Umm nooooo lol... the players have to ask themselves as husbands as well... why on earth is she LETTING him =P The wives were letting him and if you do a good deed doesnt mean you could be a scoundrel as well.