How many "spells" do you know in Harry Potter?

Sierra Leone
November 4, 2008 8:00am CST
Especially playing a Harry Potter game, you come learn spells naturally.
2 responses
@chikyo (58)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 08
i don't remember many spells, especially because i don't play the harry potter game spells that i remember is : stupefy expelliarmus avada kedavra and wingardium leviosa other than that i can't remember
• Philippines
6 Nov 08
just not sure of the spelling since i'm typing this as i remember: imperio! crucio! reducto! lumos! reparo! accio!
@chikyo (58)
• Indonesia
7 Nov 08
yeah i totally forgot accio n lumos i remember that spells too and there's another spell that i also remember just now EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!
@haqita (122)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 08
avada kedavra... lumos... expecto petronum... and i don't remember the rest...