LOL...Darksorrow made a really funny joke on me!

November 4, 2008 9:48am CST
As some of you may already know, darksorrow has started a PTC site. Yes, he is now a proud Admin of a PTC! But he's like no other Admins. He doesn't earn from his site LOL I have no idea what he's doing, to be honest. But it's really funny! It's called scambux! Sconibear, does it sound familiar? As he doesn't earn any money from the site, he doesn't use any existing payment processors. Something I have never heard of though it's related to me! If you want to see it yourself, let me know. I hope dark is here so that we can interview him. What payment processor do you think he uses? HAHA
3 responses
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
4 Nov 08
Hey where's a ref link to join? Is it free to join? How come I'm not getting an invite?
@rortiz86 (1697)
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
I thought the bugs are part of the designs of scambux. Lol He did send me the invitation to be the first victim, but when I try to reach bot admin through it's forum and contact form, what I've got is only errors. Lol Curiouspay??? Lol, it doesn't even accepts credit and debit cards. I think you need first to go the Moon or Pluto to be able to get your payments. Lol What about inactive bot referrals, how much does it cost? Lol. The donation button? We need to develop it more. Lol
@Masmasika (1922)
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
Funny! What are his plans anyway? Make money or create a laughing site? He, he