Do you crave for sweets when you are on a diet?

@eztuner (451)
United States
November 4, 2008 9:56am CST
Yes Iam on a diet, "AGAIN" Iam in need to loose 10 stubborn pounds, this time sweets are driving me nuts. I like to bake and recently I came up with a recipe, which I find healthy, and fulfilling and has help me deal with my craving for sweet and carbohydrates. When you are on a diet, what do you crave the most?
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@diillu (5128)
4 Nov 08
Same here. Hehehe, it's pretty funny, don't you think so? When I'm on strict diet to loose some weight, then there are many other things that I crave for than the sweets. I have never liked sweets so it's not a big problem for me but the bad part is I really crave for more carbohydrates like pork meat, sausages, roasted chicken and these things really really kills me.
4 Nov 08
im a serial snacker. i work in an office and like to nibble all day. right now im trying to lose a stone and its murder ive nothing to nibble on except fruit sticks. i miss my buscuits and chocolate