Your favorite shock moment in a movie!

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November 4, 2008 10:46am CST
So I am more of a horror movie kind of girl myself but I do watch all genres and I was watching a movie the other day "Gone Baby Gone". Well the ending of that movie left me speechless! I totally did not see that ending coming! When morgand freeman walks out with the missing little girl I was like "Whoa"! Anywho it got me thinking about some of my all time favorite movies that had twists and turns I never saw coming. I have several I will name a few of them and then I would like to know some of your favorite I never saw that coming movie moments? Saw, Never saw that ending coming. The Others, Another ending I did not see coming The Blob remake, when the gut we THINK is the main character of the movie is killed within the first 20 minutes of the movie? The Sixth Sense- The ultimate I never ever saw that coming ending?
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23 Jan 09
The sixth sence was a real shocker for me! AND the rest you have listed are good ones i liked the ring also.
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