the more high tech you used, the more danger you may in . agree with that?

November 4, 2008 1:34pm CST
I believe many people saw the movie named Enemy of The State. That is a shocking movie. After seeing that movie, I indeed appreciate the frightfulness of country machine. It seems that we all live under the surveillance at any time, and no any privacy at all. Your cell phone may be buged and located. Your account could be freezed....... The high tech could make you disappear like you never exist. I remember exactly in the movie that retired secret agent who helped Will Smith hide a lot dollar under the bed instead of bank. Maybe that is the safest way to saving. there is a classic line in the moive: the more high tech you used, the more danger you may in. what do you think, pal.
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@knaphih (57)
• Australia
4 Mar 09
In the movie world, thats true taking into account how iRobot, Enemy of the state and Eagle Eye went. But in the real world, the higher the technology is, the safer we are. Atleast thats how things have been going on till now. :)
• China
5 Mar 09
Not really. In the real world, Technology always can't be counted on.
@ddrizzle (53)
• China
6 Feb 09
High-tech is a double-edged sword... We are enjoying the advantage of high-tech, at the same time we have been teduced to its slaves. The most horrible thing is that we have become accustomed to these all and do not want to give up. So, we are most willing to be tied down.
• China
6 Feb 09
yeah, few people could has the gut to give up habits we are already get used to.
7 Jan 09
I think it depends on what type and function the technology is/has and more importantly how it is being used. A calculator for example if used to hit yourself on the head would be more dangerous to you than a nuclear weapon carefully placed in a secure chamber and kept from contact ;)
• China
8 Jan 09
Interesting example, thanks for responding.