My mother is my world, is yours?

@bbc911 (48)
November 4, 2008 2:40pm CST
My role model is my mother, and i learnt everything from her, she taught me in every field of life, and how its amazing that what she think about anyone it is 90% same as she think, great perception. hows yours.....
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@sankata (236)
• Estonia
4 Nov 08
I don't think that my mother or my father are my world. And they aren't also my role models.. It just isn't so. We are totally different. With different interests, different thaughts. And I don't mind it. Yes I have learned things from them, and that's good. I think your thinking is quite the same because you have learnt everything from her..
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
i feel envious of people who adore their moms. i love mine but we do not really get along. i do not plan to go on and on as to why we dont, for i do not want to bad mouth her ,she is just not an easy person to please. nor is she open minded, infact, she is very very close minded. so what she says is the law and she is sooo not open to anybody else's opinion but hers. she taught me most of what i know, but all my siblings and myself are closer to our dad. my mom is obsessed with my dad that she has always been more of a wife than a mother to any of us. there are 4 kids in our family, and nobody gets along with my mom. my dad was the one who practically raised us. he prepared our food, helped us with homework, attended our school activities and all. while my mom was just a housewife. come to think of it, it's odd, that's she was always just at home but she was never a mom to us. it was like she was never even there. that's why, i made sure to be the mother that she never was. i made it a pact to try to be the best mom to my kids. i have a great relationship with my children and my world evolves around them.