What will you be doing to Celebrate this Historic Day?

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November 5, 2008 2:16am CST
I live right by a college campus and already they've been doing circles around it with a bunch of balloon and screaming and proclaiming their excitement. I really do want to have a party so I'm gonna meet up with others like myself on Meetup.com and start one. Theirs definately going to be parties because our Democratic governor won (also amazing!!) who I volunteered for. Joe Biden won so a democrat will be appointed for Senate, its too exciting to hold that in. Are you gonna have a party, carry a bumper sticker, collect your historic newspaper and put it in a safe place to pass down? I will be collect all the newspapers in my area, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, NJ paper and Marylands (Baltimore Sun).
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@jahrock (111)
5 Nov 08
Well Revella, you've started a great discussion here, and for those of us who do not live in the States, it serves as a great reminder that we HAVE to mark this historic day in whatever way we can. Here in the UK, I had to tear myself from the excellent CNN coverage to get some sleep, but the replay of the Obama victory speech brought tears to my eyes. I think it will take some time for the impact of this day to be fully realised, because there has been absolutely nothing like this before in our lifetime, and I say that in my seventieth year! It will also be interesting for black people like me to watch the scales falling from the eyes of those who have always taken the stance that black people cannot achieve, apart of course from activity on the fields of SPORT! Barack Obama and his team will have their work cut out, as he made plain in that speech, but they will have the wishes and prayers of a worldwide family of people of all colours and creeds. Hopefully we will all find our own ways to celebrate this day, but you can depend on one thing....we will never forget being here when it happened. Incidentally, thank God for CNN and their excellent country and world wide coverage.
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5 Nov 08
oh i love you for saying that, i just want to hug you really, i feel the same way and it was so interesting being up at 4am looking for the first newspaper and people coming into places ready to get to work and the mood was so nice. Everyone was saying hello and upbeat and holding doors open and it just made me proud to be an American again.