Can you remember your dream?

@zoneday (142)
November 5, 2008 3:54am CST
can you remember what is your about after you wake up? You can remember the detail or the content?
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@ricknkae (1726)
• United States
6 Nov 08
Yes many times I have a vivid memory of my dreams. Especially when I just woke up in the middle of it, and if I try to focus and remember more details usually it will stay in my mind longer Sometimes it will be only feelings or impressions but no "material" detail However, if I do something else right away (liek wakign up o a crying baby) then I will hav fogotten in a minute and usually can't get it back even if I think very hard I have some very weird dreams sometimes and I always wonder what they really mean Do you wonder what your dreams mean?
@zhaychel (610)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Nov 08
Yes sometimes. I remember my dreams that often times I tell them to my sister or to my boyfriend whether its bad or good. Few times,when I woke up, I still think that I'm continuously dreaming. There was one instance that I was dreaming that my parents went home to celebrate holy week with us (they still live in our province). When I woke up, i thought it was true so I keep calling my parents name all over the house just to find out it was just a dream.
• Canada
5 Nov 08
hmm well sometimes and do i if i do i only remember a little about it
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
5 Nov 08
yes, i can remember my dream. my dream is be a good people. and i must try to been good people. so i find much friends and be good friends from them. what you like be my friends ?
@NonaSaile (926)
• Philippines
5 Nov 08
Hi! Sometimes I vividly remember my dreams. Sometimes, I can remember only a fraction though I know that there was a lot more to it. Other times, I don't recall ever dreaming anything at all.