Miracle or Coincidence?

November 5, 2008 10:19am CST
My brother put up a bakery near his in laws' house. It is beside a narrow road. His little girl Asriel Bless has just learned to walk by her own. She walks through and fro the bakery without supervision because the parents are just at the back kneading and baking. Suddenly, a loud crash was heard at the front. A large rock smashed the glass cabinet where the breads are displayed. Glass particles were splattered everywhere because of the impact. The accident was caused by a passing truck. The wheels hit the stone which later hit the glass cabinet. All panicked thinking that the child was there and hurt. But the child is safe because she left the bakery and went home to her grandfather's house traversing a different way. Do you think that some heavenly unseen have guided the child away from danger? Or is it just a coincidence?
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@raysen (134)
5 Nov 08
For me i would say coincidence, I am not a believer of Miricles.