favourite music of all time?

November 5, 2008 11:01am CST
what are your favourite bands and songs of all time? and why? bands - taking back sunday, because they are genius and totally capture my feelings in every song =] i also love mayday parade and paramore loads (paramore espacially, as they are like the soundtrack of my life) dashboard confessional are also amazing =] songs - hands down (dashboard confessional) is the most fantastic song ever, i love it soooo much!! youre so last summer (tbs) is also a favourite of mine, reminds me of high school =p ok guys, your turn!!
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• India
17 Dec 08
linkin park really rocks the performance just rocks
23 Dec 08
yeah, i quite like linkin park. leave out sll the rest (in twilight) is pretty good, and i like most of their older stuff.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I have always been a big fan of music,and I think music is very important in peoples lives because it can add color and meaning to places that are dull,boring,and meaningless,and if you are in a good mood it can make you even happier,while if you are in a bad mood,it can make things seem not as bad,and make you feel a whole lot better which is always a good thing,and me and my fiance love listening to the radio and whenever we go out somewhere the radio is always on,and we always have it tuned to one of our local country stations because we both love country music because it has songs we can relate to,my favorite artist would be without a shadow of a doubt Garth Brooks because he is one of the top selling country artists of all time or at least that is what I have heard,but I believe it,and he has so many great songs out there,that I never get tired of listening to it,and on the last CMA's he won the Crystal Milestone Award which he more than deserved,and I was so happy that he got it and me and my fiance have almost all of his CD's.
23 Dec 08
ive never heard him, either. country isnt my favourite, but it's quite popular in the states?
• India
5 Nov 08
I am not a Korean but I like Korean music and I love a korean boy group which mainly sings RnB, Hip Hop and sometimes a little bit of rock. The name of the group is DBSK it is also known as Tohoshinki. The best song I like from their group is Rising Sun ( Japanese Version) . I dont understand the lyrics but it still touches my heart.
23 Dec 08
ive never really heard ant korean music, im more into the american and british scene, but whatever, it's good to find broad-minded people =]