A Tale Of Auschwitz To Gandhinagar

November 5, 2008 11:15am CST
The uptown burns White heat thumps its ashen chest Wildly amongst the embers Wooden smells fiddle in a sniper's nest My heart feels for the pounding dust A staring face looks for me in eyes of fear AS the lightning pretexts shoot off the grinding soil And the windows close doors to all and everything The staring face closes its eyes The rollball of fire spreads from god's shrine in Ayodhya To the uneasy downtown of prehistoric Auschwitz From another land to tie the hands and feet of the little creatures To overkill the chilling blood dewdrops by dewdrops All diehard souls fall prays to the antics of the knight's antlers And the astronomical senses are laid to rest in peace of days and nights I see all and everything darkening my eyes The pogrom boots come crashing on all the yearning virtues Like a solid sun breaking asunder in terrible prllets With a possible dejavu not long after the galloping yester years But Auschwitz never remembers the heretics of the night in suburban Gandhinagar.
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