HOOORAY Obama you won!!!! Please don't turn my country COMMUNIST!!

@cmofi123 (344)
United States
November 5, 2008 2:38pm CST
I have to admit that I voted for McCain. See, many of you care for the U.S.A only, as for me it's the U.S and my country. My country is very close to the U.S.A, a republican president helps out our republican side, as for a democrat helps out the democrat (Guerrilla) and that means that if a candidate from the (guerrilla) becomes president my country turns into a communist. I believe that he will do a great job for this country. But I also doubt him because he lacks on experience. A man who has never been and lived war knows nothing about life. As long as he doesn't mess with my country, he can turn the U.S upside down.
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