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November 5, 2008 5:26pm CST
Has any one else been having this problem? My son who is 7 is having a fit throwing problem. When I ask him to do something or put stuff away he starts throwing his arms around and crying, throwing stuff and stomping. I have tried to send him to his room, standing him in the corner, and sitting down and talking to him. When I ask him why he is throwing those fits he just says I don't know. I Don't know what to try to make him stop this. Anyone with any thought feel free to reply.
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@bowtieguy (5927)
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23 Apr 09
Usualy when children act up like this it is to get what they want, they know that you will do anything to get them to stop and they feed on that. You have to learn to ignor them sometimes when they act like this, eventually they will get tired and revert to a more calm state.
@psspurgeon1 (1109)
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6 Nov 08
My six year old daughter has had a couple of those episodes and we counted her to three and if needed, carried her butt to her bed to calm down and think of an appropriate response. Now, we rarely have to get to three. I would highly reccommend reading the supernanny book or nanny 911 and/or watch the tv shows. That is how I got my first daughter out of her out of control issues and am getting to start using it on my two year old. It is very important to teach them self discipline and respect. If you don't start immediately, there will be severe issues when he gets older with respect and obeying (parents and school). Time out for my daughter is mostly time for her to think about how she is feeling without acting out and time to think of an appropriate response. She sits there for one minute/per year old she is. Ex: six years old= 6 minutes. Good luck with this, as it is definitly not easy to be a parent in this aspect!