History in the making

United States
November 6, 2008 12:08am CST
i cant believe i was alive to witness what amaing history went on last night as long as i live i will never forget and iwill tell me kids one day . but it kinda frightens me. at the last mins i started second guessing who was the better canditate i mean i was behind obama the whole time then i started having dreams. nonsense dream. but was i the only who notices that McCain only had negative comercials and not one comercial was how we was going to help us out just how obama wouldnt help us? obama had negative commercials but he also had the good kind the ones that said what he would do to help our country out of this slump. but i was extremly scared now that we do have a new president and what if he doesnt hold his promises and our country still doesnt come out of this horrible state that were in now? i mean in the next for years im going to be an adult. im 16 in for years ill b 20 that means ill be going to college paying taxes and trying to jump start my life. im scared what if i cant because this country just doesnt let you ??? is anyone as scared as me?
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