Are you happy with your love marriage??

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November 6, 2008 4:06am CST
i have had a love marriage. in the first year itself at thousands of time it happened that i felt that i must quit.. but somehow things moved on, ever time i thought to give it one more chance. the thing is that both of us love each other.. i love him more than anything and my love has only increased after marriage but the fact that he has started taking me for granted from the very first day of my marriage, hurts. he has time for everyone in this world but me. things have changed so much that we live in the same house but both of us live different lives. he goes to bed vary late in night and gets up really late. and as he gets up he rushes to work. while i have to get up early and so from i have started going to bed early as i cant do with just 2 hours of sleep a day. whenever i want things to be done my way, we have a fight so i have stopped saying anything and so things are going on fine. he used to say that i am like a child innocent and true, but that part of me is dying. he doesn't even notice. i am happy in a way but whenever i think about the kind of life i used to live and i had imagined to live, i feel really bad. and all i can do is find myself in my bed crying alone the whole night. is this supposed to be the result of a love marriage?? what are your comments
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8 Nov 08
I am married for almost 2 years and I have feel a lot of struggles in our marriage. Me and hubby having sometimes misunderstandings and arguments and also for being away for a long time. We are still not able to live as a family since we are still waiting for our Visa for me to live with him in his exclusive country. From being apart so long sometimes we start having misunderstand but that happens when we are apart. But if he comes here and we are together, we feel so much Happy and getting along so fine, and feels so fine to be together. So in love and we never get to have arguments and misunderstandings. So I think that maybe when the times we had misunderstanding it was all because of being away, it affects us and feels us bad. From all of the struggles we remain strong and believe and Trust. We always compromise of the arguments or misunderstandings. I am happy with my marriage life as it has shown me so much of the things, teach me and make me learn and make me feel how wonderful life if and how hard it is without the someone you love. I sure will always want to make this relationship strong and intact. We are HUSBAND and WIFE, WE ARE CONNECTED, WE ARE ONE. FOREVER WE WILL BE AND NO ONE CAN TAKE US APART.
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