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November 6, 2008 8:22am CST
I usually play games on my phone. I used to download a game and delete it after I had finished it. Sometimes if the game do not have a cool and quality graphics i am deleting it ASAP!. I like to play RPG javas, like knight tales, gunfever and more. I also used to play online game on my phone, I also use it here in myLot. How about you, do you use your mobile phone as a game console like me? hehe
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• India
11 Nov 08
Hi mhagskier, I exactly do the same thing what you do! I'll download and install the game. Open it once to see its visual effects and graphics. If it matches my level of expectation, it retains in my mobile. Else even out of trash!
@im_tiggs (144)
• United States
7 Nov 08
TETRIS is the first game that gets downloaded on any cellphone I get. yahoo Pyramids is the next game and then mahjongg! i love these games!Any other games are for my neice and nephews to play on. I know this is gonna sound ridiculous, but given the cost of handheld games. I purchased prepaid phones for them and just added games that they like.. cheaper then a handheld, more variety and if they want to call me they can. Alltel has really inexpensive phones- i throw 20 bux on them and good to go!! games can be played forever! I like them better then going to buy a handheld game because at least if you want to take a picture or make a phone call for the 40 bux you spend = it is rechargeable! Great investments and good way to stay in touch.. I added to their phones, text messaging for 5.00 and we have fun.(500 a month i believe) i make sure we monitor out messages. they are 13, 9 and6 I used to get them tracfones, but found this to be way less expensive for my area, and the kids are happy! That is what is important isnt it? lol and then I dont have to feel bad if the PSP or the Nintendo DS that cost 150 - get lost, stole or broken. IF they lose a $50 cellphone... at least the finder can call an return it -lol(or like one of my nephews did, left his razr in his pants pocket and it went thru the wash, Alltel replaced it!
@clarkmy (428)
• China
6 Nov 08
yes i like the mobile phone games inside that is already become a one tool for entertainment ,and whenever i am so boring that i will empty out my mobile phone ,the game is the small game though,i like it and can't live without my boring school life,so the game inside phone is nodount a good idear