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May 25, 2006 5:00pm CST
Hi The NMSLGC garnished my default student loan in 1996. Since then they take out payment from my pay checks ( Twice a month). Now they sent a letter to tell me my account transfer to a different collection agency. I do not even know how much I owe them. I should have to finish paying the principal loan by now. I want my my payment to be lowered to $70 to $80 and live my life....can you help takecaring my dillemma?
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9 Apr 08
I'm sorry to say that once you defaulted on your student loan, you gave up a lot of leeway as to getting them to lower your payments, etc. If you hadn't defaulted, it wouldn't have gone to any collection agency and you would have had a better chance of either getting a lower payment, or having the payment deferred. Since this discussion is pretty old, I'm sure you've got it all figured out by now. I just wanted to post this for the sake of others who might want to know.
@CHASHA (483)
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17 Nov 06
i have not any idea
@bzinger (412)
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25 May 06
You should be able to contact the NMSLGC to find out who holds your school loan debt. Be careful about transffering without first investigating the entire terms of the new debt bearer.