Abstract art? What a load of hogwash?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 6, 2008 12:00pm CST
Maybe I dont understand some of the finer things in life or maybe a I am a "Johhny come lately" but I am having trouble understanding the intricacies of abstract art. Today it seems that anyone can splash paint on a piece of canvas or assemble the weirdest collection of objects display it in a gallery and make millions .Furthermore what gets me infuriated is the mumbo jumbo that they attach to these paintings, "Oh I think this piece depicts life,relationships and the diagonal transfromation of the human psyche as we become one essence" .What a load of hogwash and then they stand looking down thier noses (in a gutteral accented voice),as if they are some superior lifeform and you are a single celled organism just climbing out of the primordial soup.What happened to paintings depicting landscapes,people and social activities- that is real art in my view.You can understand and relate to that.You see things that can actually recognise and things that you can do I believe tthat persons who resort to abstract art really lacks talent and are hiding behind this confusing concept .I think they should learn to paint and while they are at it get some sensible clothing,forget those big glasses and mismatched clothes - retro is cool but retro meaning late sisties not 1920's
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