Hrm, Do you think if Bush didn't....

November 6, 2008 1:31pm CST
Alright, so I totally searched, and I didn't see any comments about it on here, so here's my topic! Do you think Mccains' numbers would of been a LOT better if Bush didn't try to "help" him out? I only heard/thought about this after I saw Saturday Night Live's Presidential Bash 2008, where it showed Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Will Ferrell as George Dubya Bush, and Darrell Hammond as Mccain. A scene in the Oval office, and it shows Bush trying to shake Mccain's hand, and he's somewhat trying to get away from him, and it's not quite working. To a point where he is actually trying to run away from their hands interlocking, but Georgie boy has a TIGHT grip on him. It made me giggle OH SO MUCH! So yeah, Do you think that Mccain's numbers would have been higher (not saying he could of won with all the celeb power Obama had behind him) in the event that Bush didn't try to give his support to Mccain? OR, in a "What If..." situation, what do you think would have happened if Bush tried to show his support to Obama? Highly unlikely since Obama has indicated he will do his best to fix all the mistakes Bush have caused, subtly of course.
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